Angelic Reiki Spokane

Angelic Reiki Spokane

"More than Reiki, Angelic Reiki is your conscious connection to your Higher Self, your Soul Group, the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and beyond! Your connection to the Angelic Realm will be richer, taking you to a higher vibration, one that your Soul is familiar with and your ego personality will embrace with joy." ~ Stacia Zadra, RMT

Angelic Reiki is not simply a high vibrational healing modality, but an integral tool for expanding awareness and the mastery of one's life.

Angelic Reiki is a Spiritual Path that works with us through the modality of Reiki. In addition to the benefits of traditional Reiki, such as Usui Reiki, learning Angelic Reiki will awaken you to your highest potential. Your connection to the Angelic realm will be richer, taking you to a higher vibration, one that your Soul is familiar with and your ego personality will embrace with joy.

One of the causes for the vibrational difference between traditional Reiki systems, like Usui Reiki, is the unique activation of symbols during Angelic Reiki attunements. Most of the Usui symbols are used in Angelic Reiki, along with many others, and Usui attunes the student to the symbol energetically and physically. Angelic Reiki students receive the "Angelic Keys" to the symbols, meaning that they are attuned to the subatomic, molecular, genetic, mathematical, paraphysical and superluminal aspects of the symbols. So it's easy to see how and why Usui training would be useful and encouraged, though it isn't a prerequisite to Angelic Reiki.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki draws from the Usui and Shamballa lineages and combines these with powerful transmissions channeled by Kevin Core. It is a profound system of energy healing and consciousness expansion, allowing for spiritual development, transformation and Ascension. It is the healing for our time.

The divine energy of Angelic Reiki, by its very nature, creates balance. It searches out anything within our consciousness - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - that is out of balance. It therefore goes right to the core of issues and conditions; it also expands consciousness, changing how we see and understand things on many levels. Angelic Reiki is about change, so when anyone is drawn to Angelic Reiki it is because on some level they know it is time to embrace change. Angelic Reiki workshops and healing treatments facilitate this process.

Learning Angelic Reiki gifts you with a permanent link to the Angelic Kingdom of Light, enabling you to conduct angelic healing treatments for yourself and others. When learning Angelic Reiki, the indescribably profound, beautiful attunements/initiations, healing treatments and group experiences have an effect that is uniquely appropriate to you - and they encourage relevant healing and change.

Preparing for your Angelic Reiki class

Colleen Tucker Angelic Reiki

To add to our I&II and III&IV Angelic Reiki sessions, we are making plans for our Angelic Reiki III&IV grads. Colleen will join Sandi and me to provide group sessions at Compass Rose. Two Saturday, half-day sessions are planned for March 16, 2019. During these sessions we will provide meditations, Archangel Michael cord cutting, affirmations, cleanse and Level III&IV Angelic Attunement. The fee is set at $77 and registrations are now open for these sessions. There is also a half-day reboot on March 30th for those who have taken Angelic Reiki levels I&II.

We have several things in the planning stages at this time. Colleen will soon become a Licensed Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring Practitioner™ as she completes her training by Alana Fairchild. Colleen and I will both be providing individual SGSM sessions and a full day workshop in March with additional calendar planning and services to follow.

The Compass Rose website, as well as the Angelic Reiki Training website will provide information as we go.

Colleen's presence is a gift for all of us and I hope you can join us. Please contact me if you are interested in attending this session.

~~ Stacia

Class Dates and Details

Angelic Reiki Levels I & II

The Level I/II Angelic Reiki class supports the personal spiritual path.

Available Classes

Angelic Reiki Levels III & IV

The Mastery training is very personal and spiritual in nature. This is the time and place to develop your skills, intuition and Light Team from a place of Love and Service.

Available Classes

Advanced Healing Techniques for the Reiki Healer

Refresh your training while learning new skills under the guidance of experienced, practicing Angelic Reiki Master/Teachers. This class will provide training for techniques we use in our treatment rooms.

Available Classes

Personally, I haven't felt better in a long long time, maybe in my whole life, and I thank you for a lot of it. Between healing work, Graces and Sacred Contracts, I am feeling whole and so happy to be willing to step out into the world as a well and competent person.

J.S., Coeur d'Alene ID

My testimonial to our clients: Sandi and I feel deep gratitude for the many wonderful people who commit to the journey to heal their lives. The journey to health and well being, to spiritual growth and empowerment, is not easy. To see our clients commit to theirselves is a very rewarding experience for us, and we are deeply humbled by the outcome each and every time.

In Light, Stacia Zadra

Thank you so much for your generous gift of Reiki. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. This adventure is teaching me patience and to accept help from others, two things that have not been easy for me. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such adoring people during my recovery.

K.J., Spokane WA

We have an additional entrance to accommodate our clients with physical limitations or who have difficulty with stairs.

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