Angelic Reiki FAQ

Is Angelic Reiki Training For Me?

by Stacia Zadra ARMT & Sandi Fornwalt ARMT

We begin by saying that Angelic Reiki and the Universal Life Force energy that is Angelic Reiki is for EVERYONE. Every human holds within their being a divine spark linking us to Source. Angelic Reiki helps to enliven our divine spark creating conscious awareness of all that we are and ALL THAT IS.

For some people Source is God/Goddess or Spirit. We each have our own unique connection within and without to Source. What is important is that we are connected!

Angelic Reiki is deeply spiritual, but not religious in nature. Through the Angelic Reiki attunements, we are connected to the Angelic realm and beyond, including the Ascended Masters who have walked this earth before us. The Ascended Masters will work with us when we ask, and await our request with loving compassion.

Angelic Reiki Training is for everyday people leading everyday lives including mothers, fathers, health care providers, mainstream professionals, "laypeople", and spiritual seekers. Many of our students are alternative health care providers and Reiki healers of other streams.

Angelic Reiki is for "hands-off" healers, and is a gift to the world for those who want to work "behind the scenes" providing Angelic Reiki by distance healing techniques.

Angelic Reiki is often prescribed to our clients who are seeking a spiritual path. Many are asking for a means to raise their vibration. Others want to provide Reiki healing for family members and pets. Many others receive Angelic Reiki training as part of their self healing tool box when faced with difficult physical challenges.

Our Angelic Reiki Training courses are recognized across North America. We have greeted and mentored students from Vancouver BC to Toronto, Canada and from the east coast, the south east, the south west, the west coast and places "in between" of the United States. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve so many wonderful people through Angelic Reiki; many whom have become ongoing students and clients at Compass Rose. We are truly blessed.

What makes the Angelic Reiki Training at Compass Rose unique?

Sandi and Stacia are professional Angelic Reiki Master Practitioners and Teachers. They are active practitioners seeing 24+ clients weekly at Compass Rose, A Holistic Healing Center, Inc. Each Angelic Reiki Training class begins with and is interwoven with fundamental teachings and materials related to humanity's ascension and the in-depth teachings of Alice Bailey and Joshua David Stone. Meditations are added as teachings and healing measures to assist each student in their quest to adapt to the gifts of Angelic Reiki with grace and ease. The success of our students is a direct measure of our skills as teacher and mentor.

Our Angelic Reiki manuals include the materials provided by the Angelic Reiki Association of which Stacia Zadra is a member and serves as a representative for the United States to support Colleen Tucker's commitment to the teachings of Angelic Reiki. Our Angelic Reiki teaching and reference manuals are in constant motion and receive "upgrades" as additional materials are included to enhance the experience of our students.

Our Angelic Reiki classes are taught as prescribed by the Angelic Reiki Association and complemented by the experience and skills gained by continued experience and ongoing continuing education gained by both Sandi and Stacia.

In addition to teaching Angelic Reiki, Stacia and Sandi teach Advanced Healing Techniques for Reiki Healers and mentor Angelic Reiki students individually and via Angelic Reiki meetings. As Certified Archetypal Consultants by Caroline Myss, Sandi and Stacia teach Sacred Contracts, Discovering Your Divine Potential, Transformation and Fate and Destiny classes throughout the year.

Stacia Zadra is an Alana Fairchild Licenced Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring Practitioner™. Her advanced training of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Goddesses complements both her hands-on healing abilities and her teaching skills to benefit her clients and students.

How is Angelic Reiki taught?

Angelic Reiki Training is taught in two workshops. The Angelic Reiki Levels I/II Practitioner course is provided over 2 1/2 days and the Angelic Reiki Levels III/IV Masters class is provided in the same manner over 2 1/2 days.

The majority of our students take the class for personal or professional levels, but not necessarily to teach Angelic Reiki. While the III/IV manual does provide a generic outline and attunement teachings for each student, the course focuses more on providing Angelic Reiki with increasing hands-on expertise and less on teaching the class. Students who want to teach Angelic Reiki are encouraged to schedule one on one time with Stacia to review the methods for facilitating an Angelic Reiki class. Stacia will counsel students interested in teaching Angelic Reiki to develop their personal teaching style.

The Angelic Reiki classes are mental to a degree, but more positioned to teach the student to be less physically and mentally minded and more intuitive and less third dimensionally oriented.

What is an attunement?

An attunement "attunes" a student to the vibration of Angelic Reiki, the Angelic Realm, and the symbols that are passed to the student. Sandi and Stacia will facilitate the attunement ritual, and the Angels, including each students personal Healing Angel, will "do the work". This ensures a pure, unfiltered attunement and passing of Reiki symbols to the student.

To summarize...

Angelic Reiki is more than Reiki. It is a direct link to the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, and beyond. As the "veil" lifts allowing humanity to change course and return to Source, the Angels and Masters want to work closely with us individually and collectively. We are all called, and many of us are hearing the call. We want to know our purpose and many of us want to serve the common BEST. Being attuned to the Angelic Realm is a means to attain conscious awareness and increasing vibration to benefit our spiritual growth while serving humanity.

With love and gratitide,

Stacia & Sandi,
Your Angelic Reiki Master/Teachers and Mentors

© Stacia Zadra, RMT | |

Preparing for your Angelic Reiki class

Class Dates and Details

Angelic Reiki Levels I & II

The Level I/II Angelic Reiki class supports the personal spiritual path.

Available Classes

Angelic Reiki Levels III & IV

The Mastery training is very personal and spiritual in nature. This is the time and place to develop your skills, intuition and Light Team from a place of Love and Service.

Available Classes

Advanced Healing Techniques for the Reiki Healer

Refresh your training while learning new skills under the guidance of experienced, practicing Angelic Reiki Master/Teachers. This class will provide training for techniques we use in our treatment rooms.

Available Classes

We have an additional entrance to accommodate our clients with physical limitations or who have difficulty with stairs.

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