Reiki for Kids

Reiki is meant for children too!

reiki for kids

Our youth are now surrounded by far more toxins, ailments and adult choices than ever. Reiki is a liberating way to light the path for our future leaders. When started at a younger age, Reiki can set the tone for a life of well-being and empowerment for your child.

Reiki works on all levels of the mind, body, and spirit; and can aid all ages and stages. It is gentle enough to work on the most tender and tiniest of beings, and packs enough energy to sooth some of the most difficult situations. Because it is balancing, Reiki will naturally flow to the areas that need it most and gently recede when the areas are balanced.

Reiki for Kids with ADD, ADHD, & the Autistic Spectrum

Times have indeed changed, we all feel the planet recanvasing itself and raising it's vibration. The Earth is now welcoming new soul groups to assist in this evolution. These gifted new soul groups are meant to transform old paradigms and ways of thinking that no longer serve us. We call these children Rainbow, Indigo, or Crystal Kids. Many of these children have unique energy fields and can be highly intuitive, curious, and inspired by colors. Ultimately, they are here to teach us oneness and love.

There is no coincidence that during this shift in consciousness, doctors are observing new "disorders" amongst children such as ADD, ADHD, and kids on the Spectrum. There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with these children! These endearing and evolved souls are attuned to a different frequency, and can be misunderstood. They usher us into a new paradigm of thinking and are thus highly sensitive to their environment, which can lead to their overstimulation and frustration. Amongst it's many benefits Reiki promotes optimal communication, tranquility and restores a sense of purpose.

Children up to age 13 - $60.00 per session

New York Parents are Using Reiki for Their Stressed Out Kids

Recent Feedback for Reiki with Emotion Code Therapy

As someone who was once diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other mental complications, I have found Reiki Infused Emotion Code therapies to be the only effective means of eliminating my "illness". After years of futile medication with long lists of side effects, I turned to Compass Rose for less intrusive means of treatment. As it was, I had three entity attachments that unraveled my thoughts and made it extremely difficult to function. Two sessions later, I was relieved of all three and saw an extreme difference in my ability to focus, remember, and maintain emotional stability. I am a Junior at Gonzaga University and my GPA has increased from a 2.3 to a 3.6, meaning I now have a solid shot at grad school. The change was night to day with the best side-effect of all - happiness. My heart is filled with gratitude for the Reiki practitioners at Compass Rose and I strongly urge others to embrace this wonderful form of healing. - MC, Spokane Washington