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Atlantean Amethyst Biobed

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amethyst andara bio bed

The Ascended Masters and Star Beings who are assisting Earth and her inhabitants with the Ascension process are excited to have another avenue to work with us via the Atlantean Energy Bed.

This technology was used during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria to re-align and activate crystalline body frequencies connected to the Earth's inner core, our EarthStar and the higher collective dimensions and portals within the Universe.

Your guides, Star Family, and Ascended Masters will begin working with your energy field once you book the appointment.

Signing up for a session on the Atlantean bed is a permission slip from your Higher Self to begin downloading new information that will assist you on your soul's unique Mission and Destiny. With your consent, the Hierarchy can remove old programs or pattern loops that no longer serve your Soul's highest path. This will be occurring in the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body, and of course the physical body.

When you first book your session, it is recommended that you create specific intentions for your personal upgrades and be open to whatever results are required for you during that time.

Please note that this can be used as regular attunements on the MindBodySpirit journey.

How Does It Work?

Work with Ascended Masters and your guides to recalibrate your mind body and spirit during a 45 minute Atlantean Amethyst Bio Bed session.

  • Recalibrate energy body
  • Anchor in cosmic keys and codes
  • Activate Destiny Blueprint and Soul gifts from other lifetimes
  • Activate Master Cell within the body
  • Detoxify physical body by stimulating lymph and circulatory systems
  • Reduce inflammation within the body
  • Stimulate Master Codes for immune systems within the body
  • Raise the vibratory levels of the cells - no longer a vibratory match for dis-ease or energetic drains
I test drove the new Atlantean Amethyst Bio Bed this morning. Actually, it's more than a bed. The entire room is dedicated to the purpose of the Atlantean Amethyst Bio Bed. I've made some changes to the room that resulted in energetic shifts you can feel before you enter the room. There is a stillness, yet also movement. I don't have words for it. I invoked Jesus at the beginning of my session to ask a specific question. His response was "Patience". I guess he missed that I am an over achiever. As for the experience, I felt and saw the Beings enter the room and work on my physical body. While it was a bit uncomfortable during the session, I feel lighter and more clear in my diaphragm area for the treatment. I could feel them leaving just before the 30 minute timer went off.

These beautiful beings, Ascended Masters, and Healers have their limits! I'll return for another session on Thursday. I am looking forward to more Mystery.

You can experience the Atlantean Amethyst Bio Bed monthly for proactive attunements and you can use this magical room for specific, acute needs including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. We've set the fee structure to make it affordable and make it available to everyone. I am so very excited to have this available to us at Compass Rose!

- With love, Stacia

More Atlantean Amethyst BioBed Testimonials

My experience: Shortly after getting on the bed I felt centered and aligned. Although the space blanket did require a little getting used to it quickly went unnoticed for most of my time on the table. Despite trying to negotiate for more time, 30 minutes clearly is all the time that is needed. I felt pretty good after the attunement. As the week unfolded I have been sleeping through the night on most nights, part of my intention on the table. (For weeks prior I had been getting up for 2-3 hours between 1-3 AM.) In addition there have been some awesome unravellings of old information, greater inspired creativity, and just this morning I was wondering with a friend how my day could get better and it was only 9 AM. (And it has...) It has been fun discovering how the intentions I set last Friday are wonderfully unfolding. Pretty cool! - D.C., Spokane