Bio-Well Whole Body Wellness Scan

Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool based on Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique (Kirlian effect) made specially for express-assessment of the energetic state of a person. Interpretation of the scans is based on Acupuncture points concept, Auyrveda and many scientific and clinical researches made throughout 20 years, and output in images that illustrate the results in a very easy to understand way.

The Bio-Well Technology

The image created by the Bio-Well, is based on idea of Acupuncture points concept and verified by 20 years of clinical experience by hundreds of practitioners with many thousands of patients. The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive. The Bio-Well can give you real-time feedback on what factors - positive and negative - affect your stress and energy state. Bio-Well is not a medical instrument. It provides an impression of your energy and stress levels and allows you to see your day-to-day transformation and the influence of different situations and stimuli.

Your Energy Field

Stress is a complex factor that has both an emotional component (anxiety) and a somatic component that results from prolonged exposure to permanent anxiety. Stress has very strong impact on the Energy Field. The aim of any therapy, exercise or treatment should be improvement of the Energy Field image, for a clear indication of the positive effects of a therapy. This may take some time, but we are aiming for a uniform and balanced scan.

Bio-Well and BioCharger NG

At Compass Rose, we use the Bio-Well to scan your energy field and get a visual representation of the imbalances you currently have in your body. We can then use the BioCharger NG, and Source Healing with one of our providers, to address those specific imabalances for a stronger, more balanced you!

Bio-Well Full Wellness Scan - 90 Minutes | $155

You will start with a Bio-Well assessment where your provider will do a full scan of your energtic field. Using the results, they will create a treatment plan to address any imbalances that were found. Included with this appointment is a 30 minute BioCharger NG session.

Chakra Evaluation: Scan and Align - 90 Minutes | $135

Your session will start with an evaluation of your chakras. Your Bio-Well scan will show you the alignment of your chakras. We'll follow that up with a BioCharger NG protocol designed to restore harmony and vitality to your energy centers.

Stress Assessment - 90 Minutes | $135

Your provider will do a scan to assess your stress level. You will then experience BioCharger programs specifically designed for stress relief and autonomic balance.

Bio-Well Check-In Scan

These scans are offered as a complementary add on to your 90-minute session with Stacia.

Bio-Well/BioCharger NG Intro Session

Bio-Well scan followed by a BioCharger NG session chosen for you based on your scan. Prescheduled with Stacia or Jehawn.