Mt Shasta Retreat

Source Consciousness - Source Healing

As ground crew members living out our Sacred Contract, we are individually and collectively On Task and On Purpose to heal not only ourselves, but our collective experience. Once we remember who we are, we can reclaim our unique skills held within our Sacred Trust.

This retreat will be rich in experiential teachings, attunements and initiations that will increase your vibratory presence. You can claim and live your connection to the fullness of who you are. Source is intending to work uniquely and powerfully through you. This retreat will provide the opportunity for you to increase your Soul’s capacity and your body’s ability to be a channel for Source energy and be part of the healing taking place on Earth now.

Our retreat space will be both private and shared, with teachings at the home and outside in nature to experience the beauty and alchemy that Mount Shasta has to offer. There will be time to shop, enjoy the local restaurants, and integrate the profound experiences planned for this retreat.

Join us for this unique experience.

In joy and trust,

Stacia Zadra
Master Healer
Founder & Director - Compass Rose Healing Arts

"I love the Shasta theme. Imagination is a Neptunian thing, and Neptune is the spiritual dimension. I remember being told once that imagination is the 5D command method." ~ Michelle Pillar, New Earth Astrologer @ Mystic Maps.

In our time together we can look forward to the following planned activities:

  • Daily teachings, meditations, attunements, and initiations to deepen your ascension journey
  • Axiatonal Alignment - Reconnect to the grid, to Earth, and to all of her nature
  • Group meditation with Sofie and Wayne at Heart Light - 11:11 am
  • Peace Garden for group sharing and personal meditation
  • Guided journey at Mount Shasta and immersion into Telos and the Ascended Masters welcoming us to their sacred home
  • Sacred meditations and personal introspection at Shasta/Telos vortices
  • Free time for shopping and exploring the shops and restaurants of Mount Shasta
  • Compass Rose hosted group meal
  • Private space for sleep and integration

Destiny and Divine Will are my Guides and Love is my Compass

"As you choose Destiny over fate and Divine Will over free will, you will soar. Life will become easier, alchemy becomes your tool for manifestation, and you become a walking Temple of Light assisting others in their awakening." ~ Stacia Zadra, Master Healer @ Compass Rose Healing Arts

Mt. Shasta is considered one of the most sacred locations on Earth and is a place filled with mystique and great power. Visitors travel to Mt. Shasta not just for the beauty of the mountain, but also for the enlightened experiences that await.

Our Spiritual Retreat

Tuition is $1,777 not including travel and meals taken on your own. Your non-refundable deposit is appreciated upon registration. We are limiting our group to 9 - you are encouraged to register soon to reserve your space.

Your retreat fee covers your lodging (shared with two other participants), which includes a kitchen, shared bathroom and private bedroom. There are local organic stores available where you can purchase for your personalize food choices.

Tours are planned, including a guided tour of Mount Shasta, and are included in the retreat fees.

There will be a Compass Rose hosted group dinner, to celebrate the spiritual journey.

Time is planned for your personal interests, including shopping, restaurants, etc.

There are 3 3-bedroom apartments to accommodate our 9 guests. Each apartment has it’s own bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The bathrooms are shared among 3 people. The kitchen can be stocked with individual dietary requirements. There are 2 grocery stores in town for your shopping needs.

We will encourage everyone to bring a “brown bag” lunch for the day on the Mountain along with other snacks, water etc.

We will provide meditation chairs for your use at the vortex sites and plenty of time to enjoy the experience. Weather may determine which day we go Mount Shasta.

Our group is carefully chosen to allow for comfort for everyone. Each person attending understands the spiritual journey requires rest and solitude at times. Time for such is available and encouraged, as well as shared experiences, and plenty of joy!

The autumn weather will be beautiful and we suggest layered clothing and hiking shoes for our Mount Shasta/Telos visit.

Dates: September 27th - October 1st, 2023

Tuition: $1777

We accept cash, check, credit card and paypal.

This class requires a commitment - tuition is non-refundable.

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