Shadow Energy Support

Become Aware of Your Shadow Energies

One of our main areas of focus at Compass Rose is helping people with their emotional health so that can attain spiritual wellness as well as physical wellness. We witness the shadow energies of our clients and assist them to heal their emotions and bring their shadow into the light, enabling them to live authentic lives. Not always an easy task, the journey to emotional healing at Compass Rose is gentle and safe and always supported.

Deepak Chopra often discusses "Shadow Energies" and the effects they have on our lives. In a recent article in Tathaastu Magazine, he wrote about how to become aware of your shadow energies and letting go of the guilt, shame, and fear that accompanies them.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

"When we wall off the painful parts of our past, they seek recognition and reintegration by erupting as self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior and even exaggerated dark dreams. The shadow taps out messages in the dark, and repressed feelings rise up like ghosts. We may feel anxious as repressed feelings try to come to the surface. We also may end up projecting these denied qualities onto other people. Have you ever known people who continually attract the "wrong people" into their lives? In reality, they are not attracting that darkness, but they are not willing to acknowledge it in their own lives. This is unfortunate because the shadow also comes with a gift: an opportunity to expand our personal awareness and experience our wholeness. If we want to find our true self, we must dive into the shadow, recover the parts of ourselves that we have split off, and embrace the paradox of the coexistence of opposites. With loving attention, we can heal our past and harness the power of our fully illuminated self.

You can learn how to feel your way into the shadow. Here are some of the major signs that shadow energies are present:

  • You feel unexpectedly angry or anxious.
  • You feel out of control.
  • You feel a flash of dread or panic.
  • You find yourself bursting into tears for no apparent reason.
  • You attack someone without provocation.
  • A reasonable disagreement turns into a major dispute.
  • You can't talk about your feelings.
  • You feel numb or blank in a situation that would normally call for strong emotions.
  • You have an irrational dislike for someone.

There are countless other ways in which the shadow comes into play in everyday situations, but these are among the most common. The shadow has grown used to being repressed and exists beyond the level of conscious awareness. To access this hidden realm, you need to be dedicated to a journey of descent. The shadow isn't a region of thoughts, words, and rational thoughts but exists at the level of intense feelings. Think of this journey as going back to retrieve parts of your life that have abandoned because you felt guilty or ashamed about them."

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Compass Rose can support you in your healing and your journey towards emotional authenticity. Join us for a private consultation to determine the areas of specialized healing that resonate with your soul.

Sacred Contracts - Our Sacred Contracts classes delve deeply into your life-long patterns and how the shadow plays a negative role in your decisions and relationships.

Synergistic Reiki - With Synergistic Reiki, you receive the healing benefits of Angelic Reiki and the Emotion Code and Body Code at the same time. Together, these practices allow you to identify and process the negative emotions that are inhibiting you or are contributing to illness.

Essential Oils - Essential Oils have powerful healing qualities for both physical and emotional healing, without the negative side effects that accompany most pharmaceutical medicines. The oils are blended to address your specific needs, whether it is for emotional support or physical ailments.

Grief Support - When experiencing a personal loss or the death of a loved one, it is important to allow yourself to feel the resulting emotions. A our culture leaves little room or time for us to do this, we provide the support and companionship you need during these difficult times.

Reiki Classes - After receiving the many benefits of a Reiki treatment, people are often intrigued and want to learn more. Our Reiki classes teach you how to use Reiki to manage your emotions and to help those around you.

You - While everyone has negative emotions - sadness, fear, guilt, anger - they shouldn't rule your life and relationships. By acknowledging your shadow energies and releasing negative emotions, you will empower you to take control and live fuller and with greater appreciation.